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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hidden Facts

I have finally finished my exam! And also the many assignments in tow. It is all done and that's it. At least not until next semester, which would be in September? :) However, there are rumours saying that I will have to enrol into a short course starting this coming June until the next month. I don't know. I have not check into that yet.

Enough about exam. So, let's talk about the elevator guy. Remember the guy whom I had a crush on? Well, there are so many things happened already. Good and bad. And what happens now? I truly don't know.

So, I got to get to know this guy. He's pretty awesome though. There so much in common between us. But being human, of course there are things that will never satisfy you. Or even, some hidden facts that you ought to know from the start was never been told?

Therefore, what happens now? We are taking things slow. I think, sometimes... it is good not to have things too well-planned. Maybe it is best not to know where this is heading and how it is going to end. To not know what to expect is the recommended bet, perchance? I don't know. Let just see what is it going to be. And until then...

Have a good Monday night, guys.


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