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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't Make That One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch

It's Sunday evening and the weather is quite gloomy as we speak, a perfect weather for an evening nap. We have been out since morning but here I am now, plonking on a sofa with my laptop on my lap, typing a blog entry 'vigorously' for you to have a read! Haha...

What would you think of someone who has a very bad past life? Would you judge him/her for who they were before? Do you have the privilege to do so? Why is that so? Even if he/she is changed and has become a better person, indeed? Does that means, even if he/she has repented for all the bad things he/she did in his/her past life, he/she will still be judged? Don't you think it appears to be a little bit iniquitous to you?

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 I think, no matter what you are religion-wise, or which part of country you are from, it will still comes back to the basic rule of life,
"Everyone will never escape the chance to make mistakes. People make mistakes, and it is for us to forgive and to forget". 

That is why we have the word  (to) 'repent' or 'repentance' in our dictionary, isn't it? *smile*  The chance for a person to change for a better person, that is! I don't think it will be that difficult for us to be less judgmental but more forgiving for all those lovely individuals around us, I suppose?

"First impressions are important, but everyone deserves a second chance"
 ~Unknown quotes~

Let's do that for the betterment  of the community. It will means a lot to them.

Well, take care now and have a spectacular Sunday, either on your own or with your loved ones. 



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