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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mozilla Firefox pissed me off!! :(

Hey there... I am so fu*ked! I mean, I was browsing thru my Mozilla Firefox web browser. And when suddenly, the browser seems to be NOT WORKING! I mean, I could not even navigate to any sites...!! :(

And, when I searched the net using my IE, finding the cause like with the hell that happened, few websites suggesting that I should uninstall and reinstall the Firefox then and again. The funny part is,
(actually I dont really think its funny at all after I have to go thru sooo many hassles, doing that!!), when the Firefox is trying to installing, it went 'dead'! Few warnings popped up, saying that I dont have the relevant port to start installing... *sigh*

I was devastated!! Trully am! At the end of the day, I have downloaded new web browser!
OPERA! Not bad!! In fact, I think  its the fastest web browser I have ever found! No hassles, and cool!! Its really good tho'.

From now on, no more Firefox for me!
I am so upset with Mozilla! :(

Well, talk to you peeps soon! I'll be jotting in more stuff soon! I realy need to get a shower right now. Am so tired, been hooking up to the laptop since morning! Haha... Take care now!

Tata & cheers! Mwahss!! *kiss kiss*

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