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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things That I Must & Will Do Everyday *wink*

Hi all! I have been tagged. Again. Lina. *twirl with excitement*

Well, supposedly there are few things that I think I must and will do every single day, but as usual... when it comes to list it all down, you'll be like... what?! *giggles*

At least, that's what happened to me... Err, I mean NOW. *rolling eyes*

Nevertheless, I still have few things stucked in my head. So, better off list it out now...
Here goes:-

1) Somehow, I will definitely curled on my bed, approximately 15 minutes after I snoozed off my alarm, everytime, each day, early in the morning... Curl, and curl and curl... That's the best bit everyday of my day... *wink*

2) RIBENA. Yup. I will definitely wouldn't miss
my daily intake of RIBENA each day. At least a bottle a day, to keep me healthy and to stabilize my sugar rush!! *giggles* To me, RIBENA is always a MUST! Yayyy!!

Smiling and giggling! That's what I'm best at, and even tho' there are hard times, I wouldn't missed a chance to potray a smile and create a giggly moment once a day, at least once a day! *wink*

Ciggie break! I'm all attached to the nicotine stick. It's terrible and awful! I know, but that's the thing. It's my needs, my obsession! *rolling eyes*
People who knows me, knows how chimney chicka I am. Sigh. I mean, super-sigh!

Flirting?! This was noted by a friend. I don't think I flirt, like even tho' when I talked to any of the guys I met, they said I was flirting with them. But, I guess it was just a gesture of friendliness, not more than that. But, what said, is what was said. No point arguing! So, there I am. Flirting, is a MUST? Hahaha... Cheeky? I think so! *rolling eyes over & over*

Talking or thinking or scribbling crap! Somehow, this is my expertise as well! I talk to peeps, mostly crappy stuff. I blog crappy stuff, and even thought of crappy and somehow creepy stuff. Hahaha... At least, I must have do this once a day, a MUST! It's absolutely idiotic, but that's me. Trust me on this one. People who knows me, yeah... they know what I'm saying. Somehow, I am full of crap. In a good way. I guess so. *wink twice*

Well, basically that is all what I can think about now. I mean, I am so sleepy weepy. And, suddenly everything parished. Like, poofed away from my thoughts. So, it's all gone. *wink*

Nevertheless, the things listed, yeah... basically that's me. At least, those are mostly the things that I did and do every now and then, basically every single day. So, that's me! Then, if you got the chance to comment on, tell me what do you think about the things I do, I mean I must and will do every single day of my life.. Yeah, tell me, tell me... *wink wink*

Supposedly, it's a TAG GAME! Again. Therefore, herewith I tag these people to join in my spooky tag game! Here are the lucky ones this time:-
(Please obey the rules! Please.... *wink*)

a) Adrian
b) Zura
c) Fairy
d) Lupideloop
e) Anyone who's interested in playing this tag game! (Let me know who did this okay - peeps whom I don't mentioned their name above, so I can check out your blog later on!)

Take care all, and enjoy the game! *twirl*

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