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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tips On Getting Back On Senses

Few articles have been searched and read... and it all comes to one conclusion.

I have been reading through all things I googled up, and this is basically the list of things that I should be doing to get it started!

  1. Love yourself before planning to fall in love with anyone. (This is actually so true! I have to like myself before I want someone else to like me, or before I want to make someone else to be interested in me! So, let's roll on!)
  2. Be gorgeous, as when you looks good, the confident just boost up! (Looks good and people look up on you. So, here I come!! I will be evolved from my cocoon to become quite a graceful butterfly!)
  3. Ignorance is always a bliss! So, ignore him and you'll soon get what you are waiting for! (I won't be hogging him, looking at his way or anything alike. We'll see what happens!)
  4. Guys hate rejections and competitions! So, twinkle your eyes and the bees will be swarming all over you! (This will simply be done with a new look and a girly giggles... *wink*)
  5. Don't beg but let him beg! ((Looking good, with loads of confidence in oneself, looking posh and class... I'll get this done in no time! *giggles*)
  6. Don't be cheap, but be classy! (Not dressing up like a trash, with more skins revealed, but classy like so I won't look like a tramp, but a princess!)
Basically, that tells the tale! And, this is exactly what I will be doing. I am back in the rhythm, and I know I have been swaying far away these past few days. But heck with it, as I think I already got the hold of this music. So, let it begins!

I am starting off tomorrow by having a new hair-do! It is a girl day out for me tomorrow, and I am going to make use of it!

Wish me luck!

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