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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Directions, Directions...?

It is a beautiful Friday, but starting off with quite a not-so-nice weather. Then, it strikes off beautifully, really!! In fact, I think it has become a bit warmer than it supposed to, that mostly everyone becoming sweaty-dudes! *wink*

It's nice to have something like this on Friday, basically. Since yesterday, and today... I had to come in to office, a bit later than usual. It is not as if I am purposely woke up late and came in later, but I have to go to someplace else for renewing my Working Authorization. Too many things to be done. And by renewing the thing, it has been acknowledged that I have been staying in Dublin, approximately two years now! Yayyy!!

Anyway, on my way home from office last night, too tired to realized there were like too many people on the street yesterday... suddenly a vague pattern become so obvious as I passed through a flock of random faces on the street. Out of ten group of people I came across, basically five of 'em were actually talking about directions!

A couple were arguing on the street, with a map on hand... which route to take, which bus to take, which pub to hit off and which things should be done first. And I keep on walking.

Another pair, an old woman and a guy. More like an asking-direction conversation. Which path should he take to go to place A. And which bus should he take if he wants to get there as early as he can. And the old woman stutter something to him, and he nodded.

Almost quite half an hour to home, two big, huge guys... were talking about the pub they went to last night. The other guy in the group was asking which pub they are on about. And the other guy mentioned and directing him, with so much excitement on which road is it on.

Directions, directions, directions...
It is all a matter of life. It is not just about the direction to go to place A, or B or C or any other places. Not a matter of which bus to take to or which is the quickest way to reach there. And also, not just about which way is the shortcut to go to place F without any traffic harrasment!

It is life. Directions.

What would eventually happen if the couple, sorted out and agreed on something, and that is not actually the directions and choice that they ought to have? Would they still be quarelling and not getting the main point of quarelling? Would that effect them? Or maybe they won't even be together anymore, just because of false direction?

Would the guy who has been directed by the old woman, lost his way and at the end of the day, ended up in someplace else where he will get mugged? Would his life be tormented after that?
Or maybe, the pub-asking-direction mates, go to the direction he was directed at, and got the wrong direction, and ended up in a whore-lair, and lost all of his money to the prostitutes in the area, forcing him to commit?

Directions are like given options on what, where, which and who to choose. Would that mean making the wrong choice would lead you to a shortcut to hell? Or probably, a good choice would turn you to heaven in no time?

Some people said, choices are meant to be wrongly-chosen. So that we will venture the consequences on the right and wrong path. To learn and to experience. But what will happen if it will be always the wrong path chosen? Would that simply means, a bad luck throughout life?

What would it be if you tend to lose your bearings, and got no direction to good way of life?

Complicated, I'd say. *wonder*

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wani ezryl * on May 31, 2008 at 7:58 AM said...

yah true. sometimes we'r following the wrong direction, but then we can still change the route in the middle of the journey. like if we dun like wut we'r doing now, we can always make a change ;]

Daddy Papersurfer on May 31, 2008 at 1:39 PM said...

"Complicated, I'd say. *wonder*" - thanks heavens you said that - I was just thinking the same.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are not handed much of a script for our individual lives - I'm still living in hope that mine will arrive shortly - ho hum.

shle3pyb4by on June 1, 2008 at 12:14 AM said...

hi couz, yeah. agreed. we are the one who determined out directions of life. we can snap whenever we feel like, and changed the directions whenever we feel we ought to. its all about the matters of intention. own intention! :)

shle3pyb4by on June 1, 2008 at 12:26 AM said...

daddy.. it is complicated. not many scripts rolled on hand. agree. it depends. we look it the way, positively... we got it positively. and same goes around.

it is all in our mind. i think...?


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