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Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Toddler

I was on the phone with my mom the other day, and there was my little cousin with her in the house. He was very happy to talk to me, as we haven't seen each other for about a year and a half now. It was such fun talking to the little kid. There is so much to answer, for all the outrageous questions from a small little kid.

My mom was talking to me about he is so excited telling her, that he will get a new bedroom, so he ought to have all new furniture in the bedroom.

Then my mom was telling me that she was browsing the internet for the little cousin's bed, that suits him. It was her and my aunty, who was busy selecting what and which to put in the bedroom. They had move to the new house, so a new furniture for the little one, is somehow a must!

To find a good quality of kids bedroom furniture is quite easy at the moment with the opportunity to browse through the net, rather than stopping from one shop to another. At least it save loads of time, and the review from people, will eventually help in determining how good the product is.

The little cousin is in the second year, in my country would be the final year in the kindergarten school. So, with that he wants to have a desk in his room, so that he can do his colouring and what so ever called, homework. Sigh. Kids nowadays are so persuasive and determine, as I can't even remember that I do have homework when I was in kindergarten before! *giggles*

So, a tiny kids desk in the bedroom is on the list! Ah, and of course, a little doodle chair! How cute can it be? Tiny little furniture!

I was asking my aunty, when I was talking to her, what type of furniture is she looking for? Would it be the modern, kind of furniture. Or would it simply be just a normal kind of furniture that you can find basically everywhere. But to my astonishment, she said that she ought to have a wooden children's furniture, instead. She said, as this is the chance to get a furniture, as they are moving to a new home, then it's good to just go for the good one. Then, it will last longer, and somehow, she is extremely fond of wooden furniture!

So, there you go!! A furniture-shopping free, for my aunty and the whole family, and trust me, knowing her... I knew it that the new house would soon be so outrageously gorgeous!

Let's just see, and really see what will come out in the end, shall we?

'Till we meet again! *wink*

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wani ezryl * on August 23, 2008 at 8:34 PM said...

i love going to interior shops!! lotsa designated stuff.. wee hee~ xDD


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