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Monday, April 20, 2009

All Is Done

Well... All that needs to be done, is all complete! Done!

My trial session on the floor yesterday, was quite fun. But at the same time, hmm... I was a nervous-wreck! I mean, it was terrible. As I only have an hour to 'perform' to become one of the sales assistant in the shop! So, so difficult! Really.

For the first ten minutes, at the start, I froze myself! I am, completely. People stepping inside the shop, and what I could do is just stand there, stiff! It was not a good moment at all. I froze to death. Well, sort of! But then, I started to think like, I need to get the job, and to secure it, I need to do all my best... so, I started to greet people. Started to say something like, "hey... how are you?", "...it is such a nice day today, isn't it?" (well, weather is always a good topic to start with when you are in Ireland, and you won't be finding yourself feeling silly with the weather topic, at least not in Ireland... haha...). And I got away with it!

At the end of the one hour trial, the manager was there and she told me that they will call me on Friday, to let me know whether I got the job or not. There will be more people trying on the floor this week, that is why. Well, at least I have done my part, and with all my best... so the best thing to do now is just relax, until Thursday night, then it is all set to go. I mean, I will have to worry that on Thursday night, as they will call me on Friday. I just hope I got it this time.

I mean, despite of the fact that I am desperately wanting to have a job, I think it would be so much fun to work in that particular shop! Despite of just having a job, I would be smelling so nice for the rest of the day on my shift days, if I got the job there! Seriously!! I only have been in the shop for an hour, but then the yummy smells from the shop, stick on my hair and clothes, and it would be nice to smell great, isn't it? Haha...

Wish me all the best that you can, and just hope that I will get the job this time! :)

Take care all, and I will see you soon! *twirl*

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