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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Pointless Discussion

So, it is Thursday. Things have been not quite normal, it is just strange. It has been weirdly longer than it was supposed to. I presumed.

But one more day, the weekends will appear, again! (Doubt that it will be as good as I want it to be, though. As I don't even know what are the things that I am expecting.)

Everything seems to be pretty ordinary to me at the moment. Work, grocery shopping on my way home, dinner (whether quick dinner, or instant! Doesn't really matter, as long as I got something to eat, that suits me!). Then, few hours on the telly, being a sluggish couch potato I am. And of course, ended up with a peaceful, good night sleep. It's just basically all that all week. Sounds like I am having a boring life, yes? But that is what I am these past few weeks. Ah, or maybe a dinner out after work with my friends. And that is it. How ordinary a person can be if not worst than this?

Is it too wrong to be ordinary instead, rather than being a super hyper active me, with fully booked schedule? I have too much time floating, without nothing to do... and does that really really typical boring person schedule? How odd can it be not to be so cramped with timetables?

I was just thinking about this, as I was sitting home after work, gulping on my bowl of instant noodle bought on the way home from work, and soon it just strucked me! "Am I really that boring, that soon enough to make me become so unattractive?"

I know it sounds stupid, in fact I think it is so silly. Pointless discussion to be made. But hey, I thought about this, that means it is something important and hell yes, it is so obvious now, as I realized this. As if it was not, I won't be able to actually acknowledge of what is really happening. Am I right?

I don't know. When the clock ticks away to the weekends, I am starting to become more cautious about what is going on with my life. Just a plain, simple equation to be made. I am growing and becoming more wise, I guess. Am I?

It's just for me to have a thought scribbled and for you to figure it out for me, would you? *wink*

Have a thought, and let me know! *twirl endlessly*

Good night!

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